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Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou

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Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou

Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou
Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou

Large Image :  Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China
Brand Name: Truck Freight
Model Number: EF23103022
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $1 per kilogram
Delivery Time: every day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200000 kilograms every day

Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou

Packaging Details: Carton Box Item Name: Truck Freight
Departure: Guangzhou, China Destination: Worldwide
Customs Clearance: Fast And Timely Warehouse: We Provide
Shipment Type: All Types Carrier: Shipped By Enfei
Departure Day: Every Day
High Light:

International Trucking Services From Guangzhou


truck freight shipping From Guangzhou

Door-to-Door International Express Truck Freight Shipping Agent Service


International Express


Door to Door Service


Product Description:

Truck freight, also known as road freight or trucking, refers to the transportation of goods using trucks as the primary mode of transport. It involves the movement of cargo over land, typically on highways or road networks. Truck freight plays a crucial role in logistics and supply chain management, offering flexibility, accessibility, and door-to-door delivery capabilities.


1. European truck logistics transportation from Guangzhou, China to Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

2. We offer a variety of transportation services, such as air and sea shipping, rail transportation, and truck express delivery.

(Whole container, less-than-full, door-to-door delivery, DDP and DDU, etc.)

3. Providing Competitive Prices and Fast International Truck Transportation Services
If needed, please feel free to provide us with the following information to get a quote!

  • Cargo Name
  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Gross weight & volume
  • Transportation way (air, sea or railway)
  • Port of loading & Port of discharge
  • Trade term
  • When can we pick up your cargo?
  • Present location of your cargo


Place of Origin China Guangzhou freight forwarder
International express 3-5 working days
International air freight 5-7 working days
International Sea shipping After sailing 25-30 days
Can I pick up stuff from somewhere else? Yes, we can help you collect and deliver the package from cities across the country
Can I purchase items Yes,Purchasing is available from all over China
Service International express international air freight international sea freight European trucks
Warehouse Yes, max 60 day storage for free
Can be delivered to designated country locations Sure, we can deliver it to the specified nation and location in accordance with your wishes.
If there is an emergency situation You can reach us at any time by phone or message.


Product Features:

1. Flexibility: Truck freight offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery locations. Trucks can access various types of roads, including urban areas, residential neighborhoods, and remote regions, allowing for door-to-door service. This flexibilityallows shippers to transport goods to specific locations without the need for additional handling or transshipment.


2. Accessibility: Trucks have excellent accessibility, as they can navigate through a vast network of roads and highways. This accessibility makes truck freight an ideal choice for reaching locations that may not be easily accessible by other modes of transportation, such as rural areas or construction sites.


3. Timeliness: Truck freight is known for its speed and timely delivery. Trucks can provide expedited services for time-sensitive shipments, ensuring quick and efficient transportation. With dedicated routes and flexible scheduling, truck freight can offer reliable and predictable transit times, meeting the demands of businesses and customers.


4. Versatility: Trucks are highly versatile and can transport a wide range of goods. They can handle various types of cargo, including perishable goods, consumer products, construction materials, hazardous materials, and oversized loads. Additionally, trucks can be equipped with specialized equipment, such as refrigeration units for temperature-controlled shipments or flatbed trailers for oversized cargo.


5. Tracking and Monitoring: Many trucking companies provide tracking and monitoring systems that allow shippers and receivers to track their shipments in real-time. This feature enhances visibility and allows for proactive management of logistics operations. Customers can obtain updates on the location and status of their goods, providing peace of mind and enabling better planning.


6. Cost-Effectiveness: Truck freight can be a cost-effective transportation option, particularly for short to medium hauls. Trucks offer the advantage of direct transportation, minimizing the need for additional handling or transshipment, which can add costs. Additionally, trucking services often provide different pricing options, such as full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL), allowing shippers to choose the most cost-effective solution based on their cargo volume.


7. Last-Mile Delivery: Truck freight is well-suited for last-mile delivery, which involves the transportation of goods from a distribution center or hub to the final destination, such as a residence or retail store. Trucks can navigate through local streets and deliver goods directly to the intended recipient, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.


8. Safety and Security: Trucking companies prioritize safety and security measures to protect the goods during transit. Trucks are equipped with features such as GPS tracking, secure locking systems, and driver monitoring systems. Additionally, trucking operations adhere to regulations governing driver hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and cargo handling to ensure safe transportation.


9. Customization: Truck freight offers a high degree of customization to meet specific customer requirements. Shippers can choose from a range of services, such as expedited delivery, dedicated trucking, or specialized handling for sensitive or fragile goods. This customization allows businesses to tailor their transportation needs and ensures the safe and efficient transportation of their goods.


10. Expertise in Specialized Cargo: Trucking companies often specialize in the transportation of specific types of cargo, such as hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals, or fragile goods. They have the expertise, equipment, and certifications required to handle specialized requirements and comply with regulations governing the transportation of such goods.


Service scope:
1. Guangzhou Enfei specializes in International air and sea transportation, International Express.

2. Rapid air freight from major airports in Guangzhou China to various parts of the world.
Door to door delivery service (DDU/DDP).

3. Booking cargo space from airlines. Pick up goods and send into warehouse.

4. Packaging services, repackaging of goods, taking photos of goods, inspecting goods, printing labels.

5. Domestic nationwide pickup, customs declaration, and Pallet service.


6. International Freight Forward is dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service.


7. Save money on transportation while maintaining the privacy of consumer data.


8. With International Freight Forward, you can trust that your goods will be quickly and safely delivered to their destination with no hassle.

9. Warehousing services (free warehousing for 60 days)


10. Goods inspection and insurance services.

11. Sincerely looking forward to working with you!



Our Advantages:

1. The goods ability to handle cargo from any city in China.

2. We are located in Guangzhou which make clearance easier.

3. Professional customer service team.


4. Your goods will be kept safe during transit thanks to the premium quality of our packaging materials.


5. International Freight Forward is dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service.

6. Provide the cost effective and time effective shipping solution and the competitive rates.

7. More than 10 years experience of Amazon FBA Door to Door delivery service with high reputation among the industry.


Door To Door International Trucking Services Shipping Agent From Guangzhou 0



Q1: What is the price of your service?
A: The exact price can be offered when the details ofyour goods finalized, like weight, volume. loaded citand destination city.
Q2: My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes. we can.We can buy the export license. do thecustoms declaration and ship the goods out to you.
Q3: Can you help pick up our goods from inlandof China?
A: Sure. We are able to assist you with it. Kindly provide the precise address for pickup.
Q4: Can you help me inspect our goods?

A: Yes, we can help do that for you. Please offer yourdetail requirements for the inspection.
Q5: Can you help do the customs clearance.and deliver the goods from destination port to our warehouse?

A: Sure. In overseas ports, we have partner agents. If necessary, we can assist you in doing that.
Q6: When shall l pay you?
A: Commonly, for sea freight shipment, you can pay usafter the goods departure.


Q7: How can I pay you ?
A: You can pay us by bank transfer (T/T), Western Unionpaypal and so on.



Contact Details
Guangzhou Enfei International Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Sophie Chen

Tel: +8613422141708

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